Fart 101

Platform Windows 8
Release Date: 11/02/2012


Get schooled in Fart 101, “fresh” on the curriculum at Smelling U.  With the help of your magical friend, DJ Toots, you will learn to identify 101 types of farts.  Pass the gas to pass the class! And if you have trouble waking up for class, record a custom sequence of farts and set your own custom fart alarm.


  • 101 juicy fart sounds
  • A funny description of each fart
  • Adjustable pitch and grunting
  • Ability to record and play back sequences of fart sounds
  • Fart Alarm – set your recording to play back when your friends least expect it!


About the Author

Danimal is the resident code monkey, artisan, musical director, and PR shill for Highbrow Games. Enjoy his ironic mustache.