Highbrow Games’ Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to Highbrow Games and companies doing business under Highbrow Games with different trade names, including Highbrow Labs.  From here, this collective will simply be referred to as “Highbrow Games”, “we”, or “us”.

Applications made by Highbrow Games do not gather personal information from users for use by Highbrow Games. The applications may contain links to external websites in the form of advertising and attribution credits. These external websites are not affiliated with Highbrow Games. The external sites may collect information and have separate privacy statements not under the control of Highbrow Games.

If you email us we may save the information provided via email for support purposes. This information will not be shared without your consent.

Our website also receives and records non-personal information such as your IP address and the page you are viewing. However, we do not connect this non-personal data to any personal information collected from you by means stated above.

About the Author

Danimal is the resident code monkey, artisan, musical director, and PR shill for Highbrow Games. Enjoy his ironic mustache.