Welcome! And our [old] logo…

This is Danimal, of Highbrow Games.  I’ve been waiting to unleash this site until my art buddy took the awesome pencil sketch of a corporate logo I gave him and impregnated it with his seeds of artistic genius, gestating our combined creativity in the womb of imaginatory greatness until it burst from his fingers in a frothy afterbirth of corporate logo wonderment.  However I’ve been waiting months without any wonderment, so we’re just gonna launch now.

Here is the logo that we will use until the greatness is fully-gestated.

Where did I go to art school, you ask?  But enough about me.

This is a momentus day, because not only have I stayed up through the night to finish this site (and bring you an inaugural rhyme), but you can now subscribe via the little RSS feed icon above and get updates on the latest goodness Highbrow Games is working on!  I can promise you it will be ridiculous, crazy, awesome, suck balls, and/or some combination of the above.

We’ll also post updates about existing products – every few months when a random person crawls out from under a rock and gets offended by Barf and Beer, we’ll bring you the latest angry blog post from society.

Until the next post, peace and love!

[Update – we have a new logo now!]

About Danimal

Danimal is the resident code monkey, artisan, musical director, and PR shill for Highbrow Games. Enjoy his ironic mustache.