Face Slapper approved for WP7!


Well that was easy! Face Slapper passed review and ended up on the marketplace in a week. No ridiculous arguments with Xbox Live Indie Game (XBLIG) peer reviewers about how your game doesn’t conform to some stereotypical genre that “the community” approves of. Prison rape is to Xbox Indie Game peer review as a gentle massage is to Windows Phone review. Of course the downside is it might not make any money because it’s on Windows Phone. Hope springs eternal though. [Cringes at terrible expression].

Update: The spring has run dry.

Check out Face Slapper

For those of you who were expecting a bitchfest, don’t go yet! I had to cut background music for the initial version due to a deadline I needed to meet, which saddens me deeply. If Microsoft had done their job certifying that audio capabilities of all phones were to spec as they promised consumers and developers they would be, then I wouldn’t have needed to rewrite my audio code (which worked perfectly fine on Xbox and Windows). But that’s for another blog post.  Fortunately, I’m about to submit an update that adds music as well as some gameplay enhancements, and makes Face Slapper all it was meant to be.

[Update: Game now has music and high scores, and is all it was meant to be!]

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